Tackle Count. By the fans, for the fans!

Tackle Count. Rugby League apparel. The Tackle Count clothing brand was designed to be aimed at Rugby League fans who enjoy the game but want some different clothing. The bulk of Rugby League shirts come from club shops, and include the clubs colours or badge, if you don’t have a club who’s shirt will you wear?

Tackle count clothing is generic, to give you the identity of a Rugby League fan, but without committing to a particular clubs shirt, or for the die hard Rugby League supporter who wants something different.  In particular, I would like to think that the tackle count clothing brand is something that can help to promote the game of Rugby League to new fans who only occasionally watch games on TV, and maybe give them a nudge towards their local clubs, whether that’s professional or amateur!


If you are looking for something different, or you know somebody who might be looking for something different, let them know about tacklecount.com, give the facebook page a share, and follow us on twitter. There’s plenty of ideas in the pipeline to keep you interested, if there’s anything that you want to see let me know, all feedback is appreciated!