We use 100% cotton T-shirts which come in a classic fit (no skinny sizes here). We try and run all designs up to a 5XL. If you're happy to wait a little while (usually 7-10 days) we'll print bespoke to you should your size not be in stock.


Chest sizes for our T-shirts are:


Small: chest 50cm (19 3/4”)

Medium: chest 53cm (20 3/4”),

Large: chest 56cm (22”)

XL: chest 60cm (23 1/2")

2XL: chest 64cm (25 1/4")

3XL: chest 68cm (26 3/4")

4XL: chest 72cm (28 1/4")

5XL: chest 76cm (29 3/4")


Chest sizes for our hoodies are:

Small: chest 91-96cm (36-38”)

Medium: chest 96-101cm (38-40”),

Large: chest 104-107cm (41-42”)

XL: chest 109-112cm (43-44")

2XL: chest 115-119cm (45-47")

3XL: chest 119-125cm (47-49")

4XL: chest 127-132cm (50-52")


Any questions about sizing, feel free to get in touch: